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Stardate 213210.0 (Wed 7 Aug 2374): As the crew of the Challenger is integrated into that of Voyager, Janeway has to deal with a brash young doctor who doesn’t like a certain hologram. Also, Seven is taking her new relationship with Harry Kim much faster than he’d like.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Phillips’ Quarters
Stardate 213210.0
7 August 2374 1618 hrs

Lieutenant Dan Phillips couldn’t believe it. Settling into the couch in his quarters aboard Voyager a few days after the final destruction of the Challenger, he tried to come to terms with the fact that it was now 2374, almost sixty-five years into what he considered the future.

Time travel and temporal physics were nothing new to him—he’d read about them constantly and had even met some time travellers himself—but he’d never actually been a time traveller until now.

He’d checked the computers, hoping to find some information about his parents, but that level of detail just wasn’t stored in Voyager‘s computers, for nothing so much as a lack of storage space. If they were still alive, they’d be about 122 years old. He didn’t think the odds were that good.

Phillips wondered what other run-ins the ship had had with time travel, secretly hoping it wasn’t as thick a record as that of Kirk’s Enterprise. Only one log entry came to his attention: Voyager had been inadvertently pulled to Earth in the year 1996 by a timeship from the future, which apparently caused both ships to be caught in a causality loop. From her log entries, Captain Janeway was fairly certain she’d destroyed the loop, but Phillips wasn’t sure.

Janeway made it plain she didn’t enjoy temporal mechanics in her log entries. Phillips, on the other hand, relished the subject. He saw potentialities of that excursion to the past that Janeway didn’t, and he was becoming concerned.

Phillips checked his chronometer, and was surprised at how much time had passed. He went to his room and pulled out his swimsuit and a loose-fitting, button-front shirt. After changing, he made his way to the holodeck, where the Talaxian cook and morale officer, Neelix, had prepared a luau to bring the Voyager and Challenger crews together.

As he stepped into the corridor, Phillips mused that he really wasn’t a member of the Challenger crew, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Ready Room
Stardate 213210.0
7 August 2374 1620 hrs

A fist pounded on the desk top in Captain Kathryn Janeway’s ready room.

"I will not work under that automaton you call a doctor!"

The slim body of Lieutenant Danielle Marcus quivered in fury under her uniform.

"You will abide by my orders, lieutenant," Janeway said icily. "Like it or not, he simply has both more experience and more tenure aboard this vessel than you."

"Captain," Marcus said, visibly trying to restrain her fury, "I didn’t spend eight years in school and aboard the Challenger to end up being told what to do by a computer program."

"I appreciate your point of view," Janeway said diplomatically, "but there is already a precedent of artificial life forms serving in Starfleet. The Doctor has proven himself time and again over the last five years. He stays." Janeway turned back to the paperwork on her desk, overtly indicating that the conversation was over. Marcus made no move to leave and silently stood her ground in front of the desk, defying Janeway.

"You’re dismissed, doctor," Janeway said curtly. Marcus turned on her heel and stormed out of the ready room.

Janeway compared what had just happened to similar incidents with B’Elanna Torres shortly after they had become stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Noting the more agreeable nature of her chief engineer compared to their first meeting, Janeway allowed herself a brief smile.

There had been a similar incident the day before when an engineer from the Challenger had complained about "that Klingon criminal" in engineering.

"Chakotay," Janeway said into the ship’s comm system, "would you join me in my ready room?" Moments later, the first officer was seated opposite Janeway at her desk.

"Commander," Janeway said, "I’d like you to remind our new crew members that they are being treated with the same standards as everyone else. Everyone will be placed according to their skills and abilities, just as the situation was handled with the Maquis crew five years ago.

"I don’t want to have to deal with any more cases crying foul every time they don’t get their way. They’re supposed to be Starfleet officers, not children. Remind them of that, if necessary."

"Understood," Chakotay replied. "Is there anything else you’d like me to pass along, Captain?"

"That’s all for now, Chakotay."

He rose, then paused just before exiting the ready room. "Will you be at Neelix’s luau this evening?"

Janeway looked up at Chakotay, smiling. "I wouldn’t miss it," she said.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Holodeck One
Stardate 213210.1
7 August 2374 1710 hrs

Harry Kim and Seven of Nine entered the already bustling scene on the holodeck. In an attempt to bring the crews of the Voyager and the late starship Challenger together, Neelix had arranged for a few hours on the holodeck to hold a luau. Everyone was in bathing suits and loose fitting clothes. Kim had even convinced Seven to wear a swimsuit to the event.

Nearly everyone was there. Neelix and Ensign Samantha Wildman watched Naomi as she splashed in the surf. Unsurprisingly, she was also the topic of conversation.

"So," Neelix asked, "who’s this Quentin that Naomi keeps talking about? Is he a holocharacter?"

"He’s her imaginary friend," Wildman responded. "I never thought how alone she’d be when she was born. I guess it’s only natural, since there aren’t any other children aboard."

Neelix nodded, silently noting the sad fact of Naomi’s isolation aboard Voyager.

Meanwhile, Marcus, Janeway and Chakotay were seated at a bar a few yards away from the beach, talking over margaritas.

"So, doctor," Chakotay said, "tell us a little about yourself."

"Not much to tell," Marcus said. "I was born a few years before my father died. I went to the Academy, then med school and I was finishing my residency aboard the Challenger."

"I couldn’t help but wonder," Janeway began, "are you in any way related to Dr. Carol Marcus?"

Marcus laughed, a small smile on her face. "She’s my grandmother, actually. I didn’t know who my father was until I turned 18, though. My mom never told him about me." Marcus took a sip of her drink, her smile fading.

"After my mom told me about her brief relationship with my father, David Marcus, I took his name and started trying to find my grandparents. I found my grandmother during my first year at the Academy. I spent my summers with her until I started med school.

"My grandfather, on the other hand, was a different story altogether. Jim Kirk was killed at the commissioning of the Enterprise-B, when I was still only ten years old."

"I’m sorry," was all that Janeway was able to say, as Chakotay put his arm lightly around her shoulders.

Kim and Seven were seated at a table under the resort’s awning. There was less traffic in that part of the simulation, which made Kim feel a little less nervous. "You look great," he said, unable to keep himself from staring at Seven’s body.

"Your pupils are dilated," she observed. "However, beauty is irrelevant."

"No, it isn’t," Kim countered. "Beauty aids in reproduction, after a fashion."

"How so?" she asked.

"If you weren’t as beautiful as you are, it’s possible I wouldn’t have had a romantic interest in you," he replied.

"I do not understand the logic of your argument," Seven said.

"OK," Kim said, "let’s say a man meets two women, one whom he finds attractive, the other he doesn’t. He’s much more likely to attempt to have a relationship with the woman he thinks is beautiful."

"Beauty is not a determining factor," Seven declared.

"No," Kim admitted, "but it plays a part in the initial attraction."

"I wonder what those two are talking about," Tom Paris said idly as he rose to his feet on the sandy beach. He felt a hand grab firmly at the waist of his swim trunks.

"Hold it, flyboy," Torres said, laying on a towel sunning herself. "That conversation’s private. Believe it or not, there are some things in the universe that don’t involve you." She tugged, forcing Paris back down to her level. "But I’d be happy to show you something that does."

"I love you, Seven," Kim said.

"And I love you, Harry," she replied. There was a brief pause as neither knew what to say. "Love has been declared. The next step is copulation?"

"No!" Kim exclaimed, caught off guard. "No, that’s a little too fast for me. We need to take it slow, for now."

"’Take it slow’?" Seven asked, confused.

"We don’t immediately start copulating like a couple of teenagers," he explained.

"That is not the course of events followed by lieutenants Torres and—"

"Seven, we’re not Tom and B’Elanna! We’re Harry and Seven. I think we need to take it slow for now, for both our sakes."

"Very well, Harry. How would we proceed at this point, if we are now ‘taking it slow’?"

"Well," Kim said, leaning toward her and placing a hand on her cheek, "this is allowed." Kim leaned further into her and their lips touched. The kiss was slow and gentle, unlike their last kiss a few days before.

"Way to go, Harry!" Paris exclaimed, looking up from his own encounter with Torres. Torres herself was starting to get irritated with his behavior. He seemed more interested in Kim and Seven’s relationship than his own. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him back down to her.

As the kiss between Kim and Seven progressed, it deepened and picked up in intensity. Soon, the Doctor came walking through that part of the simulation, stopping in front of their table. He cleared his throat. "Perhaps the two of you should get a room," he suggested dryly.

The kiss stopped immediately. The Doctor’s voice had carried and now everyone in the holodeck was staring at them. Kim’s face was turning bright red in anger and embarassment. He stood up, wanting to say something to the Doctor, but decided against it and instead stormed from the holodeck, Seven of Nine following close behind, hurrying to match his rapid stride.

"What is your destination, Harry?" she asked.

"My quarters," Kim replied. "I need some time alone."

"I do not believe that is true," Seven said.

"Huh?" Kim asked.

"I do not believe you wish to be alone," Seven said. "I believe you wish to be with me."

"Anyone tell you how observant you are?" Kim asked. She looked at Kim, her eyes brightened, the corners of her lips were upturned; she recognized his compliment for what it was and she knew he didn’t expect a response. She followed Kim into the turbolift.

All eyes remained on the Doctor after Kim and Seven left the holodeck. Most were confused about what had just happened, but those who knew Harry Kim were appalled.

It was all B’Elanna Torres could do to keep Tom Paris from running over and attacking the hologram. After a few moments of stunned silence, the Captain walked over to the EMH and led him to an even more remote corner of the simulation. The rest of the crew resumed their conversations on their departure.

"Doctor," Janeway began, incensed, "who the hell do you think you are?"

"Captain," the Doctor stammered, "was it something I said?"

"You’d better believe it, Doctor," Janeway spat. "Harry and Seven are in the early stages of their relationship. He’s uncomfortable and you just embarrassed him in front of the entire crew!"

"I only meant to…" the Doctor began.

"I don’t care what you meant, Doctor. In the future, use a little more thought." She paused, to let her words sink in. "In the meantime, I think you owe a certain couple an apology, mister." Janeway turned and walked over to her table, where she had been talking to Dr. Danielle Marcus and Commander Chakotay. Phillips approached the table hesitantly.The Doctor stood in place, not knowing what to say or do.

"Excuse me, captain," Phillips said. "I’m Lieutenant Dan Phillips."

"Hello, lieutenant," Janeway said. "You’ve been assigned to work with Seven of Nine in Astrometrics, right?" Phillips nodded. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"I realize I’ve only been aboard a few days," Phillips began, "but I’d like to speak with you about the incident with the timeship, in which Voyager was transported to Earth, in 1996."

"What’s on your mind, lieutenant?" Janeway asked.

"I believe that you may not have sealed the rift of causality as thoroughly as you’d believed," Phillips said.

"This sounds technical," Janeway said. "Maybe we could discuss it later."

"Perhaps," Phillips said. "I should inform you that I was only aboard the Challenger as a temporary duty rotation. My permanent posting was on Earth, in the Starfleet Division of Temporal Investigations."

Janeway blanched. "I see."

"I’ll need to interview you," Phillips said, "and the other members of the crew who interacted with Earth’s twentieth-century inhabitants. It can wait until tomorrow, however. After all, what is time, really?"

Kim and Seven stepped out of the turbolift and walked to the door leading to his quarters.

"Perhaps I should join you in your quarters," Seven suggested.

"Well, you haven’t left me yet," Kim replied. "What’s to stop you now?"

Seven stopped, pondering his question. Kim paused in the doorway.

"Come on in, Seven," he said.

Seven followed him into his quarters, the door shutting behind them. The room was dark, the only illumination provided by the stars outside the windows.

"Lights," Kim ordered. The computer immediately obeyed, bringing the room up to standard illumination.

Seven turned to Kim so they faced one another. She placed her hands at the back of his skull and guided their lips together. The kiss lasted several seconds before Kim pulled away, his arms still draped around Seven’s waist.

"I love you, Seven."

"Harry," she said, "I wish to copulate with you."

"Seven, I thought we’d already gone over this." The look in Seven’s eyes was all Kim needed to know there was something else going on.

"There’s something else; something you’re not telling me. What is it?"

Seven sat on the edge of Kim’s bed, uncharacteristically staring at her hands, particularly her Borg-enhanced left hand. "It concerns One," she said.

When she didn’t say anything further, Kim prompted, "It’s all right, Seven. You can tell me."

Seven took a deep breath, then exhaled before continuing, "He was the closest I have come to having a child. I could not describe, nor comprehend, the joy and pride I felt when seeing his accomplishments. It made no sense.

"His death left a great sadness. I felt strongly for him, but differently than I feel for you."

"I think I understand," Kim said.

"His presence, and later, his death, awoke within me feelings and desires unlike any I have before encountered. Only now am I beginning to understand them."

"Seven," Kim began, "what are you trying to say?"

Seven looked up, into Kim’s eyes. "Harry," she said, "I want a child."

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Kim’s Quarters
Stardate 213210.7
7 August 2374 2218 hrs

"Ensign Kim," began the projection of the EMH on Harry Kim’s viewscreen, "I have reviewed my behavior earlier this evening…"

"Doc, call back later," Kim snapped.

The Doctor looked beyond Kim’s shoulder to see Seven of Nine asleep in his bed.

"Mister Kim, am I to assume that you and Seven of Nine…"

"No," Kim cut the Doctor off in mid-sentence. "What did you call for, besides to annoy me?"

"Well, I wished to apologize for my behavior on the holodeck, for one."


"And now that I see your relationship with Seven is progressing, I want to advise caution."

"I asked her to take it slow, Doc," Kim said.

"Before the two of you progress further in your relationship, I’d like to run a few tests. I’d hate to see another member of the crew assimilated in the heat of the moment."

"What?" Kim asked.

"I’m referring to the Borg equivalent of an STD, Mr. Kim."

"I hadn’t thought of that," Kim said.

"I assumed as much," the Doctor said dryly.

"I’ll talk to Seven when she wakes up. I’m not on duty tomorrow, so I’ll try to get her to come in then."

"Sensible plan, Mr. Kim." The screen went dark.

Kim walked over to the bed, where Seven’s sleeping form lay. He gently stroked her face with the back of his hand, then changed into his pajamas and fell asleep on the couch nearby.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Science Lab
Stardate 213211.8
8 August 2374 0810 hrs

The next morning, B’Elanna Torres and Tom Paris were working on shuttle designs for a new fleet of Delta Flyers. Their problem, and highly unusual source of agitation, was that Seven of Nine was not only ten minutes late, but nowhere to be seen.

"Come on," Torres said to Paris. "Let’s go yank the Borg out of her outlet."

The two officers left their consoles in the Science Lab and stepped into the corridor, the doors shutting behind them.

Kim awoke with a start. He rose from the couch and walked over to the replicator.

Funny, he thought, I could swear I heard screaming.

"Coffee, hot, black," Kim said groggily to the replicator. As the mug of coffee materialized, a counter on the display panel counted off on his total replicator ration allowance.

As Kim sat across from Seven at the table, he noticed she was also drinking a cup of coffee.

"Seven, did you hear someone screaming a minute ago?"

Seven cocked her head inquisitively. Just as he was about to dismiss it, the screaming began again, coming from the corridor. Kim leaped to his feet and rushed through the doors.

He saw Naomi Wildman, pinned to the wall by two other children.

"Naomi? What’s going on out here?"

The other two children turned, a boy and a girl, both with implants similar to Seven’s above their left eyes.

"Tommy, Annika," Seven’s voice came from behind Kim, "were you attempting to assimilate the other children again?"

"Yes mother," the girl said sheepishly.

"We’re sorry, father," the boy said to Kim

Kim awoke with a start. He rose from the couch and walked over to the replicator.

"Coffee, hot, black," Kim said groggily to the replicator. As the mug of coffee materialized, a counter on the display panel counted off on his total replicator ration allowance.

Kim took the cup to the table and began to drink, Seven still asleep in his bed.

Lieutenants Torres and Paris entered the cargo bay. Seven of Nine wasn’t in her alcove, and was nowhere else in the cargo bay for that matter.

"Computer," Torres called, "what is Seven of Nine’s location?"

"Seven of Nine is in Ensign Kim’s quarters."

Torres’ and Paris’ eyebrows rose in unison.

"Computer," Paris called, "location of Ensign Kim?"

"Ensign Kim is in his quarters."

Kim watched the gentle rise and fall of Seven’s chest under the blankets.

I wonder what she’s dreaming about, Kim thought as he took another drink of his coffee.

The door chimed, nearly causing Kim to jump right out of his chair. He composed himself and walked towards the door.

"Come in."

The doors parted to admit Paris and Torres. As they walked in, Paris looked first at Kim, who was still in his pajamas, then to Seven, who remained asleep in the bed.

"Harry…!" Paris began, grinning devilishly.

"Tom, nothing happened," Kim said quickly.

"Sure," Paris answered. "I believe you."

Torres was already at the bed, waking Seven.

"Get up," Torres said, shaking the other woman by her shoulder. Seven’s eyes began to flutter open, then she sat bolt upright in bed.

"What has happened?" Seven asked.

"You fell asleep," Kim said.

"I do not sleep," Seven replied. "I regenerate."

"Take it up with the Doctor," Torres said, annoyed. "Come on, we’ve got work to do."

Seven appeared puzzled. "Computer, what is the present time?"

"The time is now 0827 hours."

"We were supposed to be going over the plans for the new fleet of Delta Flyers," Paris said. "When you didn’t show up, we came looking for you."

Seven stood up and walked towards the door, still in the swimsuit she wore to the holodeck the previous night. Turning to Torres and Paris, she said, "I will join you in the Science Lab after I have changed into something more… appropriate."

Seven turned and walked into the corridor, drawing the surprised attention of several passing crewmembers.

Paris looked at Kim, a gigantic grin on his face. Before Paris could say anything, Torres grabbed his arm and dragged him through the doorway.

"Come on, flyboy," Torres said. "We’ve got work to do."

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Science Lab
Stardate 213211.8
8 August 2374 0830 hrs

In the Science Lab, Torres and Paris were looking over the schematics of the Delta Flyer class of shuttles while waiting for Seven of Nine to arrive.

The doors to the lab parted with a swish, admitting Seven, now dressed in her silver jumpsuit.

"Lieutenants," Seven said, "I am now prepared to begin."

"It’s about time," Torres muttered, eliciting a light jab from Paris’ elbow.

Seven glanced at the interior schematic. "This is unacceptable."

"What is?" Paris asked, defensively.

"The components from the ‘Captain Proton’ holoprogram do not belong in a modern shuttlecraft."

"They’re fully functional, Seven! I’m sick of just hitting buttons. I want something more; something new."

"These components are hardly ‘new.’ They are inefficient."

"Do you have a better idea?" Paris asked.

"Yes," Seven said.

"Well," Torres interrupted, "spit it out."

"We must design a new interface that incorporates physical and virtual displays, yet retains the variable functionality of the current LCARS interface system," Seven replied.

"You’re kidding," Torres said.

"And just how the hell do we manage that?" Paris asked.

"Holograms," Seven said. "It would also aid in plotting courses and other three-dimensional variables, rather than relying on two-dimensional representations."

"It could work," Torres said. "From what I’ve learned from the Doctor’s mobile emitter, I could design a holoemitter small enough to fit inside a standard control console."

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Ready Room
Stardate 213211.8
8 August 2374 0832 hrs

"Why didn’t you tell us you were with Temporal Investigations when you first came aboard?" Janeway asked Phillips in her ready room.

"Most people don’t seem to like timecops," Phillips said, "so it’s not exactly something I go around advertising. Until I reviewed Voyager‘s database, I had no idea you’d need me to act as one, either."

"So what’s the problem?" Janeway asked. "As far as I can tell, the damage to the timeline has been minimized."

"True, it does appear to be a predestination paradox," Phillips admitted. "However, despite the fact that the Braxton who returned you to the twenty-fourth century had no knowledge of you or that timeline, it still exists nonetheless."

"I don’t follow," Janeway said.

"You’re thinking too linearly," Phillips explained. "OK, say you’ve got someone in six different, parallel timelines. They all travel to a point in history that exists before their timelines diverged."

"So you’d have six versions of the same person," Janeway said, beginning to understand. "So that Braxton…"

"Was the same Braxton as was left behind on the Earth of 1996," Phillips finished, "but from a parallel timeline. They both traveled to 1996, which was on the same root of their branches, which probably haven’t diverged yet, linearly speaking."

"OK, now I’m getting a headache," Janeway said. "What’s the problem?"

"Braxton-one," Phillips said, slightly exasperated, "the one who pulled you into the past to begin with and spent thirty years on the streets of twentieth-century Southern California, is still there. Or was. Meanwhile, Braxton-two, the one who returned you to your proper point in space-time, had no memory of those events because he was from another branch of the timestream. He didn’t know the other him was on Earth, so he left himself there!"

"And he’s been dead for four centuries, then," Janeway said. "Again, what’s the problem?"

"A man with knowledge of the twenty-ninth century is marooned in the twentieth," Phillips said. "Even the slightest slip on his part could unravel the entire fabric of our history. What I intend to accomplish with these interviews is to compile a report on any other possible factors your crew may have introduced into history. When that report is given to Temporal Investigations upon our return, a mop-up team can be dispatched to correct any problems I may uncover. That’s why we’re called Temporal Investigations."

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Stardate 213212.6
8 August 2374 1447 hrs

After six grueling hours, Paris, Torres and Seven of Nine had managed to create a baseline for the new interface system. Much to Paris’ contentment, the holographic nature of the system would allow him to use a "Captan Proton"-style interface and then return it to the default for the next user. The three stepped off the turbolift and onto the Bridge. Janeway rose from her chair, their arrival unexpected.

"Captain," Torres began, "we’ve made some modifications to the Delta Flyer design you should be aware of."

"This sounds interesting," Janeway deadpanned. She was a scientist, not an engineer. Vehicle construction rarely got her blood pumping.

"We could best display our progress in the conference room," Seven suggested. "The viewscreen would be most useful in our… presentation."

"Very well," Janeway said, raising her arm towards the conference room doors. "After you."

The four entered the conference room and Torres immediately launched into her presentation. "Captain, in order to resolve a conflict regarding the control interface," at this Torres looked directly at Paris for a brief moment, "we had to devise an entirely new control system."

"What’s wrong with the one we’ve got?" Janeway asked.

"It is inefficient," Seven replied.

"So," Janeway began as she took a seat, "what did you come up with?"

"Holograms," Torres said.

"Holograms," Janeway echoed questioningly.

"Based on what we’ve learned from the Doctor’s mobile emitter, we’ve devised an interface that will give us the variability of the LCARS system and also allow us to incorporate three-dimensional constructs and controls."

"How did the Doctor’s emitter help?"

"I used it as a baseline for a compact emitter in the control consoles. I can’t make one that small yet, but it’s obviously possible in the future."

"This is incredible work," Janeway said, indicating the image Seven had brought up on the screen. "How soon can you have a prototype ready?"

Torres glanced at Seven and Paris. "A week; week and a half. I’ll need Harry’s help, too."

"You’ve got him," Janeway said, her gaze fixed on the display. "You look exhausted. Take the rest of your shift off and start fresh in the morning."

"Aye, captain," Paris said enthusiastically.

"Dismissed," Janeway said, grinning.

The three left Janeway in the conference room with the schematics, trying to take in the full extent of their innovation.

U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656
Kim’s Quarters
Stardate 213212.8
8 August 2374 1636 hrs

Seven stepped into Kim’s quarters, the doors gently sliding shut behind her. "You asked to see me, Harry," she said, as much a question as a statement.

"Please," Kim said, indicating the chair opposite the one he was taking at the table, "have a seat." As she sat, he continued, "I’ve been thinking about what you said last night. I love you, but I for one am not ready to be a parent. Also, there’s the small problem of your nanoprobes."

"What is the problem?" Seven asked.

"Well, I wouldn’t like to find myself assimilated because we just jumped into bed unprepared."

"I do not understand," Seven said.

"It’s something we need to see the Doctor about," Kim said.

"I see," Seven said. After a thoughtful pause she continued, "Why do you not wish to have children?"

"Kids are a big responsibility," Kim said. "Look at Samantha Wildman…"

"She is not here," Seven interrupted.

"I mean, take her for example," Kim explained. "She spends all her off-duty hours caring for Naomi. I’m not ready for that kind of commitment."

"Therefore, you do not wish to copulate with me," Seven concluded.

"No, I do," Kim said, "but I’m not ready to have kids."

"I do not understand," Seven said, confused. "Is procreation not the reason for copulation?"

"Sometimes," Kim answered, "but sometimes you just have sex for the sake of having sex."

"Curious," Seven said. "I had not thought of that."

"You’ve never had sex," Kim ventured.

"No," Seven answered.

"When you do, you’ll understand," he said.

"Teach me," she said.

"Let’s talk to the Doctor first," he said.

"Very well, Harry," she said.

Kim stood and cocked his head towards the door. "C’mon," he said, "let’s go see the Doctor." Seven and Kim exited his quarters, the doors closing quietly behind them.


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    Hmm, can we assume that your next story will involve Harry and Seven getting a bit friendlier? Hope so!

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    I liked how you approached the idea of Seven having the desire to be a mother, as most fanfics have it way down the track as a logical progression of their relationship (though in typing that an idea has come to mind that perhaps Kim should discuss it with her more, that it shouldn’t be a replacement for One etc). Actually, the more I think about this, the more I feel that this section could develop into a whole conversation (eg: Seven going over the pros and cons (joy and pain) of parenthood). I think I’m dwelling on this because that section seemed to end with a jolt. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good place to end/pause that scene (the break in posts), I guess I fell a need to eavesdrop on the rest of the conversation, whether it was discussed at all or sidestepped. I expected an immediate response from Harry, not down the track when they discuss it the next morning. I feel compelled to know what was going through Harry’s head, even if he didn’t articulate it. But then perhaps this is what you want the reader to do. Though, I suspect half the problem is that the timeline is jumbled for me… I read this then the Challenger story. Perhaps when reposting story’s you should include in the summary post a bit about where that story fits in your timeline, especially if you are reposting a number of stories. Anyway, I’m checking out your site to sort out the timeline, then I’ll re-read (when i get the time) everything in their right order and hopefully that’ll sort a few things out (if only my orrientation!)

    I also liked the Doc's quip about the Borg version of STDs. Witty.

    Like Janeway, I get a bit of a headache from temporal matters, but if the 30thC Braxton had made a slip, wouldn’t it have already unraveled the history? Or created another timeline? Of course, I’m saying this with no knowledge how you plan to have this pan out…

    Harrys comment about having sex for the sake of sex seems… to take the fun out of it. For me, it doesn’t seem to allude to the pleasure of the process, as opposed to the end result Seven was after. Semantics I know, but it seemed more like a Tom line, than a Harry line the way it was written.

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