Delta Fleet

Presence of Mind

Written by  on November 17, 2003

It’s all just make believe, isn’t it?

Written by Michael B and FatMatDuhRat

Stardate 78870.28
Release 17 Nov 2003

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Strange Relations

Written by  on September 14, 2003

A soldier bred for battle must become more than just the sum of his parts.

Written by MarqEDman

Stardate 78861.2
Release 14 Sep 2003

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Written by  on July 9, 2003


On Sikaris, anything desired can be had, but only for a price…

Written by Khylaren

Stardate 78849.8
Release 9 Jul 2003

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Bonds of Affinity

Written by  on May 19, 2003


It’s a day in the life aboard the Enterprise… while the Wayfarer fights for survival.

Written by Kristian Kanding

Stardate 78634.5
Release 19 May 2003

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Written by  on April 20, 2003

Secrets cannot stay hidden forever… no matter how deeply they are buried.

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Release 20 Apr 2003

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Every Seven Years

Written by  on February 3, 2003


The body leads, but does the mind always follow?

Written by Khylaren

Stardate 76634.3
Released 3 Feb 2003

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Skin Deep

Written by  on January 21, 2003


Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease…

Written by Anne Rose and FatMatDuhRat

Stardate 76592.4
Released 21 Jan 2003

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Breeds of Wisdom

Written by  on December 31, 2002

Breeds of Wisdom Cover

Can the Jem’Hadar prevent an invasion of the Enterprise from within?

Written by Jeffrey Harlan

Stardate 76581.3

Release 31 Dec 2002

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Day of Reckoning

Written by  on November 22, 2002


The sins of the past are not so easily forgotten… or forgiven.

Written by Richard Chu

Stardate 76572.4
Release 22 Nov 2002

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The House of Kritus

Written by  on October 15, 2002

Blood is thicker than water… and for the Klingons, it flows just as freely.

Written by FatMatDuhRat, Michael B, and Drakkenfyre

Stardate 76449.8
Release 15 Oct 2002

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