Written by  on February 13, 2000

Tensions Cover

Stardate 139364.5 (Wed 3 Oct 2300): Hostile Gorn and Kzin vessels have been crossing into Federation space, and the arms race between the two powers is heating up. While returning to the Merrimac from Starbase 23, a shuttle carrying Capt. Phillips and Lt. T’Maril is forced to crash-land on an uninhabited planet.

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Assigned Duties

Written by  on February 1, 2000

Assigned Duties Cover

Stardate 139244.8 (Mon 20 Aug 2300): The Merrimac, an aging Constitution-class starship, has been given a new crew and assigned to one final five-year mission: the typically dull duty of patrolling the border with the Gorn and the Kzin, just as tensions between the two neighboring races begin to rise.

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