Delta Fleet Chronology

Delta Fleet




Tila Saldeed is born.


Vorik is born.


Annika Hansen is born.


Harry Kim is born.


Hansen family assimilated into the Borg Collective.


Kalan is born.


The First Borg Incursion (Events of TNG episodes “Best of Both Worlds” Parts I & II)


Harry Kim graduates from Starfleet Academy. U.S.S. Voyager lost in the Delta Quadrant.


The Second Borg Incursion (Events of Star Trek: First Contact), Naomi Wildman is born.


The Dominion War.


Annika, aka Seven of Nine, is freed from the Borg Collective. Kritus, father of Kalan, is killed in battle; Kalan’s uncle Hirak soon marries his widowed sister-in-law and assumes the title to the House of Kritus.


The bombardment of Cardassia Prime marks the end of the Dominion War. The Treaty of Bajor is signed. The Cardassian Union is placed under the administration of the Join Occupational Government.


U.S.S. Voyager successfully returns to the Alpha Quadrant. Harry and Annika are married. Project Delta is initiated to develop and exploit new technologies discovered in the Delta Quadrant. (Events of “The K/7 Saga”)


The Holographic Rights Movement is born following the release of the novel “Let Photons Be Free.” Annika Kim earns her degrees in Astrophysics, Engineering, and Quantum Temporal Mechanics. Miral Paris is born.


The Third Borg Incursion, an attack by a single Cube, is fended off. Local elections are held on Cardassia Prime for the first time. The Hebitian Spiritual Revival is first noticed by outside observers. The Praetor and Senate of the Romulan Empire are massacred by a conspiracy of military officers and Reman freedom fighters. The Reman leader, Shinzon, attempts a failed attack on Earth, causing the cabal to fall apart. (Events of Star Trek: Nemesis)


The Romulan Civil War. Eight factions claim the right to form the next Praetorite after efforts to restore the Imperial government in the wake of Shinzon’s coup break down. The Federation declares its neutrality and seals off the border to prevent further destabilization of the quadrant.


The Fourth Borg Incursion. The Collective attacks via the Beta Quadrant with six cubes, devastating many Starfleet vessels, but the attack is beaten back. The Borg transwarp hub servicing the Alpha Quadrant is located and destroyed with the use of new weapons developed by the Delta Project. Harry Kim is later promoted to Commander and receives the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for his role in the final battle. He goes on to serve as executive officer under William Riker aboard the U.S.S. Titan.


The Doe Protocols are passed, leading to the first Holographic Census. The oversight committee is shocked to discover nearly one million holograms meeting the qualifications for emancipation. The Breen take advantage of the chaotic post-Incursion political situation and attempt to annex three neighboring sectors, in violation of the Treaty of Bajor. The Klingons quickly strike back and crush their advance. The Breen will make five more such attempts at aggression over the next 18 years.


The Joint Occupational Government is lifted from Cardassia. Planetary elections on Cardassia Prime are held and a new Detappa Council is formed. Nearly one-tenth of the population has accepted the Hebitian faith by this time.


By this time,t he remaining factions in the Romulan Civil War have grouped into two primary alliances, the Praetorites and the Senatorials. Meanwhile, as they fight on, the Unificationist movement and other pro-democracy forces are busy setting up hospitals and food networks right beneath their noses, winning the hearts and minds of a war-weary populace.


Katrina Kim is born, exact date unknown, found by relief agencies and adopted by the Kims.


The pro-democracy movement declares a new government, the Romulan Republic. The remaining Praetorite and Senatorial forces denounce the Republic as illegitimate and a betrayal of traditional values, but are too weak to effectively fight it, and are defeated and disbanded. The Federation officially recognizes the Republic as the legitimate government of the Romulan people.


The second Holographic Census. Expanded definitions of the Doe Protocols lead to the emancipation of an additional ten million holograms throughout the Federation alone.


Joint exchange of engineering data between Starfleet and Romulan engineers leads to breakthroughs in transwarp research. Quantum Slipstream is now seen as an attainable goal.


The “Delta Fleet” is officially announced as a joint project between the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The designs for the new Discovery-class starships are commissioned.


Harry Kim promoted to captain and assumes command of the U.S.S. Houston.


Sabrina Wildman is born.


The Dominion breaks communication silence and requests participation in the Delta Fleet.


Jor’Marak is “born.” Cardassia requests participation in the Delta Fleet. Nearly one-third of the Cardassian population follows some form of Hebitian doctrine. The New Cardassian Union is declared, with a guiding constitution based on a fusion of democracy and the principles of traditional Hebitian philosophy.


Captain Harry Kim and Dr. Annika Kim are brought on to the final design team for the Delta Fleet.


Long-range slipstream probes sent to the Delta Quadrant. Nearly a third fall silent, implying that Borg territory has expanded considerably over the past 20 years. The known powers fear a possible Fifth Borg Incursion.


Today. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-F is the first of the Discovery class ships completed and ready for launch.

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