Stories focusing on the Kim/Seven relationship

The Voyager Conspiracy

Written by  on November 23, 2008

Stardate 214329.2 (20 Sept 2375): Is someone trying to prevent Voyager from getting home? Based upon the television episode.

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Shattered Dreams

Written by  on September 7, 2004

Stardate 215204.0 (Wed 4 Aug 2376): After suffering their second miscarriage, Tom and B’Elanna must try to keep their world—and their marriage—from falling apart.

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Written by  on August 19, 2003

Stardate 52796.4: A survey team, led by Harry Kim, is abducted by aliens and experimented on. A response to a challenge posted on the Resistance is Futile mailing list.
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From the Ashes

Written by  on June 19, 2002

From the Ashes Cover

Stardate 215597.3 (Mon 27 Dec 2376): A crewman thought long dead returns to Voyager. Based upon the television episode “Ashes to Ashes.”

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Written by  on July 8, 2001

“Not a story per se, but a sweet little endnote to the tale of the K/7 Saga. Of course, if you want to learn more about the future adventures of Harry and Seven, you can always check out Star Trek: Delta Fleet.” (Michael B)

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Released 8 Jul 2001

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The Way of All Things

Written by  on May 18, 2001

“The conclusion of the saga. This story took on a dramatic urgency for me, not only because it was the final story in my series, but also provided for me and the RiF members an alternate ending for Voyager. So it was important that it be finished before the series finale “Endgame.”. As of the moment I’m writing this, I haven’t seen the episode, and I probably won’t for some time. As far as I’m concerned, this is the only right and proper way to end the show.” (Michael B)

Written by Michael Ben-Zvi

Stardate 53886.1
Release 18 May 2001

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One Perfect Moment

Written by  on December 31, 2000

“This tale follows up on the aftermath of the last story. No conflicts, no emotional trauma. Just good friends, good times, and good fun. It’s been called by some an ‘intermission story,’ but I use it as an opportunity to blend in romance and the social commentary and satire that Star Trek has long been famous for. Not to mention a little bit of American pop culture.” (Michael B)

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Release 31 Dec 2000

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Borg Necat Post

Written by  on December 12, 2000

Borg Necat Post Cover

Stardate 220324.9 (Fri 18 Sep 2381): The Borg have traveled back in time to change the events of the first invasion of the Federation.

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A Bright Shining Thing Called Hope

Written by  on October 2, 2000

“This was a story I desperately wanted to finish before the Season 7 premiere, mostly because I wanted the readers on the Resistance is Futile list to have the truly atrocious second part of the episode ‘Unimatrix Zero’ blocked from their minds when they read it. Thankfully, I beat Paramount to the punch, and managed to churn out what I feel is one of the most dramatic, emotional stories of the K/7 Saga thus far.” (Michael B)

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Release 2 Oct 2000

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Tempus Fugit

Written by  on August 2, 2000

Tempus Fugit Cover

Stardate 213861.2 (Wed 2 April 2375): Voyager‘s future depends on Seven. Based upon the television episode “Relativity.”

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