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“…to seek out new life and new civilizations…”

For five years, the Starship Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, on the other side of the galaxy. The crew traversed the region on a path back to Federation space, meeting new friends, and making new enemies. They discovered new technologies, enabling them to cut the seventy-year voyage short.

Upon their return, the technologies brought forth by the Voyager crew enabled the Federation to once more take an aggressive role in the exploration of the galaxy, and vastly expanded the interstellar nation’s sphere of influence.


  • Challenger (25 Sep 1998)
    Stardate 213201.2 (Sun 4 Aug 2374): Voyager finds the last thing they’d expect in the middle of the Delta Quadrant – a Federation starship thought destroyed decades before. Meanwhile, Harry Kim and Seven of Nine begin to bond.
  • Liaisons (23 Nov 1998)
    Stardate 213210.0 (Wed 7 Aug 2374): As the crew of the Challenger is integrated into that of Voyager, Janeway has to deal with a brash young doctor who doesn’t like a certain hologram. Also, Seven is taking her new relationship with Harry Kim much faster than he’d like.
  • Quentin (13 Dec 1999)
    Stardate 213404.8 (Thu 17 Oct 2374): Janeway must deal with five Q aboard Voyager – at the same time.
  • Breakdown (5 Mar 2000)
    Stardate 213657.4 (Fri 17 Jan 2375): Voyager helps a generational ship of Varro repair their warp drive. Based upon the television episode “The Disease.”
  • Tempus Fugit (2 Aug 2000)
    Stardate 213861.2 (Wed 2 April 2375): Voyager‘s future depends on Seven. Based upon the television episode “Relativity.”
  • Survival Instinct (4 Feb 2000)
    Stardate 213149.2 (Wed 16 July 2375): Seven is confronted with her past. Based upon the television episode.
  • Voyager Conspiracy (23 Nov 2008)
    Stardate 214329.2 (20 Sept 2375): Is someone trying to prevent Voyager from getting home? Based upon the television episode.
  • Getting Home (5 Sept 1999)
    Stardate 214321.3 (Wed 17 Sept 2375): Someone has sabotaged Voyager‘s attempts to get back home, but trying to find out just who is responsible may tear the crew apart.
  • Prodigal Daughter (1 Jan 2000)
    Stardate 214458.7 (Thurs 6 Nov 2375): After two years, Kes returns to Voyager – just in time for the wedding of Harry Kim and Seven of Nine. But Kes’ powers cast doubt on whether this Voyager is actually the real thing, or just an illusion…
  • Homecoming (1 Feb 2000)
    Stardate 214645.0 (Tue 13 Jan 2376): Voyager finally returns to Earth and must deal with the repercussions of the events of their six-year journey, as well as their long absence. Families are reunited, old wounds reopened, and new bonds forged.
  • Passing the Time (unwritten)
    Stardate 214787.4 (Sat 6 Mar 2376): As the USS Voyager comes into orbit of the Dyson Sphere, the bridge crew passes the time by sharing the stories of how they came to be where they are today: the young man who learned what friendship truly means while the quadrant was poised on the brink of war; the student whose life had lost direction, and sought to find it again in Starfleet; the cadet who was inspired by his instructors to join one of the most unpopular institutions in Starfleet; the young med student who learned that she was the grandchild of a legend; the boy who saw the stars and vowed to return; and the young woman who survived five years of hell before she had a chance to redeem herself.
  • Marika’s Journey (21 April 2000)
    Stardate 214875.5 (7 April 2376): Marika, the former Three of Nine, remembers her last days as she lay dying in a grassy field on Bajor.
  • Family Ties (8 Feb 2000)
    Stardate 214836.4 (Wed 24 Mar 2376): Dr. Marcus discovers evidence that her grandfather may yet be alive. Meanwhile, Harry and Annika Kim give birth to their baby on Earth.
  • Shattered Dreams ( )
    Stardate 215204.0 (Wed 4 Aug 2376): After suffering their second miscarriage, Tom and B’Elanna must try to keep their world – and their marriage – from falling apart.
  • Lineage ( )
    Stardate 215452.6 (Wed 3 Nov 2376): Based upon the television episode.
  • From the Ashes (19 June 2002)
    Stardate 215597.3 (Mon 27 Dec 2376): A crewman thought long dead returns to Voyager. Based upon the television episode “Ashes to Ashes.”
  • Q2 ( )
    Stardate 215704.5 (Fri 4 Feb 2377): Q and his son visit Voyager. Based upon the television episode.
  • Author, Author (18 Apr 2001)
    Stardate 215732.3 (Mon 14 Feb 2377): The Doctor works on his new holo-novel. Based upon the television episode.
  • Causality (15 June 2000)
    Stardate 217872.8 (Fri 6 April 2379): Janeway escapes from prison, bent on changing the past, and only Phillips and Gilmore can stop her.
  • Reconnaissance (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2380): Voyager is tasked with a two-pronged mission: return to the Delta Quadrant to make contact with the humans descended from ‘the 37s,’ and look for any clues to the origin of the new threat to the Federation in that quadrant.
  • Vengeance (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2380): Voyager arrives at the world of ‘the 37s’ and their descendants to find the human population still thriving. Shortly after their arrival, an important clue to the origin of the Federation’s new menace is uncovered.
  • The Visitor (13 Dec 2000)
    Stardate 219534.5 (Thu 4 Dec 2380): Janeway receives a visit from an old friend while imprisoned at the Tantalus V Penal Asylum.

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