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“Protecting yesterday from tomorrow…”

After both the discovery of a viable means of time travel and, later, the Guardian of Forever by Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in 2260, the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations was formed. The organization, originally consisting of both civilian and Starfleet branches, was tasked with the enormous responsibility of monitoring, protecting and maintaining the timeline from changes by outside forces.


  • Damage Control (unwritten)
    Stardate 108034.2 (Fri 4 Jun 2269): The newly-instituted Department of Temporal Investigations’ first priority is to assess and correct any damage to the timeline caused by the several recorded forays into the past, most of which involve the Starship Enterprise. DTI installs a headquarters facility on Gateway, the code name given to the Time Planet, and overhauls the security surrounding the Guardian of Forever.
  • Cold Warriors (unwritten)
    Stardate 108096.8 (Sun 27 Jun 2269): Researchers investigating historical records for clues to other temporal tampering come upon logs recorded by Captain Archer of the Starship Enterprise NX-01 that refer to the Temporal Cold War he learned of from the Suliban. Not long thereafter, one of the key players in the formation of DTI is revealed to be part of the TCW – a member of DTI himself who has traveled to the past to ensure the organization’s formation. His ship is suddenly destroyed when he attempts to travel to Gateway in an effort to use the Guardian to return to his own time, and no trace can be found of the attacker.
  • It’s a Dirty Job… (unwritten)
    Stardate 193729.6 (Sun 13 Feb 2355): Nathan Harrington and his Vulcan partner, Sekrinn, must follow a man back to 2266, where the careless time traveller will accidentally cause the death of Captain Kirk during his fateful battle with the Gorn.
  • Logical Foundation (unwritten)
    Stardate 193828.1 (Mon 21 Mar 2355): Harrington and Sekrinn must venture to pre-Reformation Vulcan to stop an attempt on the life of a young boy named Surak. While in the past, they encounter what they first assume to be Romulans, but soon discover to be Vulcans from an alternate timeline trying to prevent the ascent of the disciplines of logic in Vulcan society; the pair have stumbled onto yet another front of the Temporal Cold War, and must not only fulfill their mission objective, but also make it safely back home to alert their superiors.
  • The Rasmussen Effect (unwritten)
    Stardate 206368.3 (Wed 4 Oct 2367): Berlinghoff Rasmussen, the twenty-second-century con man trapped two hundred fifty years in his future after a visit to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, has left a mess in his wake that DTI agents Dulmer and Lucsly now have to clean up. Not only must they determine whether or not Rasmussen can be rehabilitated for life in the 24th century, they must also learn whether or not he would have had any impact on time had he stayed in his native era. And to make matters worse, they must find his time pod, as well as its original owner!
  • Bozeman (unwritten)
    Stardate 206695.8 (Thu 1 Feb 2368): DTI Assistant Director Harrington has been itching for a field assignment ever since he accepted his desk job. Finally, after making endless requests to his superiors, he’s got one, a mission so basic that it should have been given to a pair of rookies: help the crew of the U.S.S. Bozeman adapt to life in the 24th century. But there are some on this ship of 23rd century refugees who don’t want to sit idly by and adapt to the future. They have families and friends in the past, and they want to see them again. Now, it’s up to Harrington and Sekrinn to stop them from changing the past by preventing the Bozeman from coming to the future in the first place…
  • Causality (15 Jun 2000)
    Stardate 217872.8 (Fri 6 Apr 2379): Janeway escapes from prison, bent on changing the past, and only Phillips and Gilmore can stop her.
  • Borg Necat Post (12 Dec 2000)
    Stardate 220324.9 (Fri 18 Sep 2381): The Borg have traveled back in time to change the events of the first invasion of the Federation.
  • Tomed (27 Sep 2004)
    Stardate 220757.3 (Tue 23 Feb 2382): The Timeship Hawking must prevent Romulan forces from changing the events of the Tomed Incident.

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