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The Starship Merrimac, an aging Constitution-class vessel, is assigned a five-year mission to patrol the Gorn/Kzinti border before she is to be decommissioned. Under Captain Jack Phillips, she will be on the front lines in trying to prevent the spread of a sudden war between the Federation’s two neighbors.


  • Assigned Duties (1 Feb 2000)
    Stardate 139244.8 (Mon 20 Aug 2300): The Merrimac, an aging Constitution-class starship, has been given a new crew and assigned to one final five-year mission: the typically dull duty of patrolling the border with the Gorn and the Kzin, just as tensions between the two neighboring races begin to rise.
  • Tensions (13 Feb 2000)
    Stardate 139364.5 (Wed 3 Oct 2300): Hostile Gorn and Kzin vessels have been crossing into Federation space, and the arms race between the two powers is heating up. While returning to the Merrimac from Starbase 23, a shuttle carrying Capt. Phillips and Lt. T’Maril is forced to crash-land on an uninhabited planet.
  • Marauders (unwritten)
    Stardate 139528.1 (Sun 2 Dec 2300): Captain Phillips is called suddenly away from the ship: his son, Daniel, has been gravely injured in an accident at the academy. Meanwhile, the Merrimac must act when a freighter self-destructs above a Federation colony, taking the planet’s only spaceport with it!
  • Retribution (unwritten)
    Stardate 139580.5 (Fri 21 Dec 2300): While investigating a distress call from a nearby, supposedly uninhabited planet, a landing party led by Captain Phillips is set upon by a group of Kzin. Taken prisoner and carried back to their camp, Phillips openly wonders why they were not killed outright by the carnivorous race. With their universal translators damaged in the attack, leaving them nonfunctional, it falls to M’Ress to serve as an intermediary between Phillips and the Kzinti leader, who reveals to the crew an astonishing tale…
  • Duplicity (unwritten)
    Stardate 139617.3 (Thu 3 Jan 2301): The Merrimac hastily makes its way back to its home base, Starbase 23, with the marooned Kzinti crew and Romulan prisoners they discovered a few days earlier. The urgency of their mission is increased when news comes in that the Federation Council is openly considering declaring war in retaliation for the Gorn and Kzin forces after the most recent attacks.
  • Onslaught (unwritten)
    Stardate 139669.5 (Tue 22 Jan 2301): For months, the Romulans have secretly resupplied the Gorn and Kzin through shipments of food and medical supplies for restitution. Their militaries now back to prewar strength, they launch an offensive against the unprepared UFP.
  • Diplomacy (unwritten)
    Stardate 139694.1 (Thu 31 Jan 2301): No summary

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