To Boldly Go

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…To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

The latest Excelsior-class vessel, the new Enterprise‘s maiden voyage was marred by the loss of the visiting Captain Kirk while undertaking a rescue mission. Six years later, Captain John Harriman was promoted and replaced by Captain Pavel Chekov, another living legend from the original Starship Enterprise.


  • Change of Command (4 Jun 2002)
    Stardate 137812.2 (Wed 15 Mar 2299): John Harriman is steping aside as captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B. Taking his place is Pavel Chekov, who served under Captain Kirk.
  • Mercy (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2399): As the Enterprise begins her first mission under Captain Chekov, she is joined by a Klingon vessel commanded by Korax, the former first officer under Captain Koloth. The two ships quickly find themselves responding to a distress call from a civilian freighter carrying foodstuffs from the Federation, under attack from rogue Klingons who are opposed to the fledgling peace. Can Chekov and Korax prevent these pirates from interrupting the flow of supplies?
  • Honor (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2399): The Enterprise arrives at Kronos to deliver its cargo, just in time to respond to another attack: this time on the surface of Kronos itself. More Klingon radicals are coming out of the woodwork, and the latest group is intent on uprooting Chancellor Azetbur from office, by any means possible!

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