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In 2380, the resurrected Captain James T. Kirk takes command of Starfleet’s newest and most advanced vessel, the USS Dauntless NX-80179, and encounters the most dangerous enemy the Federation has ever known.


  • New Beginnings (unwritten)
    Stardate 218692.6 (Thurs 31 Jan 2380): After spending nearly four years in retirement, Kirk returns to Starfleet and assumes command of the newly-constructed U.S.S. Dauntless NX-80179, designed by former Voyager crewmembers Harry & Annika Kim and Tom & B’Elanna Paris.

    While exploring the outer fringes of Federation space, the Dauntless investigates a distress call from a relatively new colony. When they arrive, they find the once-lush planet now uninhabitable.

  • The Beginning of the End… (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2380): The Dauntless tracks an alien ship to a colony world, which it must try to save from destruction.
  • …Or the End of the Beginning? (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2380): After two weeks, the alien aggressor hasn’t been seen again, and studies of sensor data reveal a disturbing parallel to Kirk’s own past.
  • Ripples (unwritten)
    Stardate Unknown (2380): Survivors from the destroyed colonies are beginning to find temporary homes on other Federation worlds, but the return of the alien ship has caused some cultures to sink into xenophobia.

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