Stories focusing on the Kim/Seven relationship

First Comes Love

Written by  on July 10, 2000

“I wrote this story to explore what I felt was a gross oversight in the series. The relationship that exists between Seven and Naomi Wildman is cute and fun to watch, but we almost never get to see Naomi’s mother. Why not show us Voyager‘s one true nuclear family? And just how does Sam Wildman feel about her daughter’s friendship with a former drone? And how would a romance with Harry Kim affect that friendship? I thought it might be fun to find out…” (Michael B)

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Release 10 Jul 2000

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Written by  on June 15, 2000

Causality Cover

Stardate 217872.8 (Fri 6 April 2379): Janeway escapes from prison, bent on changing the past, and only Phillips and Gilmore can stop her.

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Marika’s Journey

Written by  on April 21, 2000

Marika's Journey Cover

Stardate 214875.5 (7 April 2376): Marika, the former Three of Nine, remembers her last days as she lay dying in a grassy field on Bajor.

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Written by  on March 5, 2000

Breakdown Cover

Stardate 213657.4 (Fri 17 Jan 2375): Voyager helps a generational ship of Varro repair their warp drive. Based upon the television episode “The Disease.”

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Family Ties

Written by  on February 8, 2000

Family Ties Cover

Stardate 214836.4 (Wed 24 Mar 2376): Dr. Marcus discovers evidence that her grandfather may yet be alive. Meanwhile, Harry and Annika Kim give birth to their baby on Earth.

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Survival Instinct

Written by  on February 4, 2000

Survival Instinct Cover

Stardate 213149.2 (Wed 16 July 2375): Seven is confronted with her past. Based upon the television episode.

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Written by  on February 1, 2000

Homecoming Cover

Stardate 214645.0 (Tue 13 Jan 2376): Voyager finally returns to Earth and must deal with the repercussions of the events of their six-year journey, as well as their long absence. Families are reunited, old wounds reopened, and new bonds forged.

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The Hierarchy of Needs

Written by  on January 5, 2000

“The first sequel to [‘I Only Have Eyes for You’ (IOHEFY)] and a retelling of the canon episode ‘Tinker,Tenor, Doctor, Spy,’ it picks up the story of Harry and Seven several weeks after IOHEFY. It asks the question of how would Harry Kim have handled knowing about the Doctor’s fantasy life, assuming he had a relationship with Seven at the time.” (Michael B)

Written by Michael B

Stardate Unknown
Release 5 Jan 2000

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Prodigal Daughter

Written by  on January 1, 2000

Prodigal Daughter Cover

Stardate 214458.7 (Thurs 6 Nov 2375): After two years, Kes returns to Voyager—just in time for the wedding of Harry Kim and Seven of Nine. But Kes’ powers cast doubt on whether this Voyager is actually the real thing, or just an illusion…

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Written by  on December 13, 1999

Quentin Cover

Stardate 213404.8 (Thu 17 Oct 2374): Janeway must deal with five Q aboard Voyager—at the same time.

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