Thoughts on “Survival Instinct”

Written by  on February 5, 2000 

Thoughts by Thomas Lee

By Thomas Lee

Jeffrey was right on in how, in his Parallel Voyage series, Harry and Seven would have reacted to the events and revelations of "Survival Instinct." Harry’s disappointment with himself for not being around to support Seven fits with what we know (and like) about him, and Seven’s magnified self-disgust is almost certainly a result of her relationship with Harry – which has given her a more personal experience with what she realizes that she had denied her fellow drones eight years before, and what they have lost in their bid for freedom from the slavery that both the Borg and Seven had subjected them to.

While it’s good to see that this ugly revelation about Seven’s past didn’t cause Harry to shirk away from her at a time when she would need his support, I wonder how Marika reacted to the events of "Getting Home." She now knows that Voyager is on its way to the Alpha Quadrant – but she is also aware that she will die only a few months before she would have had the chance to see Bajor again. What’s more, Seven is now pregnant and engaged to be married – glaring evidence that Seven is now living and enjoying the kind of life that was stolen from Marika at Wolf 359 and then later denied her by Seven. I wouldn’t be surprised if Janeway isn’t the only one on Voyager who was embittered by how Seven’s personal life has changed in "Getting Home." Still, I hope that Marika’s last days were made happy ones by the efforts of Harry and Seven (just as we saw in Mike’s masterpiece "The Hierarchy of Needs.")

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