Voyager Virtual Season Project

    Star Trek: Voyager Virtual Season 8

  • 8-01: Hiatus by Jemima (20 Jun 2001)
    The end of a journey can only mean the start of an adventure.
  • 8-02: Snakes in the Grass by Clare009 (27 Jun 2001)
    A former enemy might hold the key to Voyager‘s escape.
  • 8-03: Between Heaven and Hell by Katane (4 Jul 2001)
    The nightmares of children dawn in reality.
  • 8-04: Fair-Weather Friends by Shayenne (11 Jul 2001)
    When friends and crew devided, can the ship survive?
  • 8-05: Magpie by Abby (18 Jul 2001)
    Someone is causing mischief on Voyager!
  • 8-06: Yesterday’s Love Story by Janeway602 (15 Aug 2001)
    Could dreams be the answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask?
  • 8-07: Retrospect by Seema (22 Aug 2001)
    B’Elanna is faced with the opportunity to change history.
  • 8-08: In the Eye of Empyrean by MaquisKat (29 Aug 2001)
    A mysterious power begins to reveal itself to the Voyager crew.
  • 8-09: A Darker Light by Michael Ben-Zvi (5 Sep 2001)
    Voyager‘s newest enemy unveils a whole new side to Harry Kim and Seven of Nine.
  • 8-10: Enigmas by Cassatt (13 Sep 2001)
    Chakotay is surrounded by mystery as the Doctor’s experiment takes an unexpected twist.
  • 8-11: The Journey by DA Kent (19 Sep 2001)
    Tom Paris and the Doctor take another trip to see the Ayrethans.
  • 8-12: Soul Searching by Heather Briles (26 Sep 2001)
    A child steals Janeway’s heart.
  • 8-13: Remora by Jim Wright (3 Oct 2001)
    Voyager‘s journey draws to a close – but are they riding on the backs of the dead?
  • 8-14: Rise and Fall by Zeke (31 Oct 2001)
    Voyager‘s crew finally made it home – but will old actions return to haunt Janeway?
  • 8-15: Fall of Shadows by Seema (7 Nov 2001)
    Paris juggles his family life as Janeway’s trial begins.
  • 8-16: Fall of Shadows, Part 2 by Seema (14 Nov 2001)
    Janeway’s trial continues as Paris tries to solve family problems.
  • 8-17: Jurisprudence by Jeffrey Harlan (21 Nov 2001)
    As Janeway’s trial draws to a close, the Doctor faces opposition and Kim is reunited with an old friend.
  • 8-18: Mind Trap by Bec & Rebel (28 Nov 2001)
    Chakotay and B’Elanna reminisce as Seven’s behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing.
  • 8-19: Through the Fire by MaquisKat (5 Dec 2001)
    Chakotay and Seven must walk through the fire ignited by their pasts, while Harry tries to ignite an old flame.
  • 8-20: One Door Closes by LadyChakotay (12 Dec 2001)
    Just when Janeway thought everything was finally over, the unimaginable happens.
  • 8-21: We Shall Overcome by Ventura33 (19 Dec 2001)
    The future of holographic rights hangs in the balance as Voyager‘s Doctor struggles to make their voices heard.
  • 8-22: Echoes of the Mind by Michael Ben-Zvi (24 Dec 2001)
    The return of Oz…
  • 8-23: Distant Elephants by LauraJo (25 Dec 2001)
    Voyager arrives at her final resting place but for her crew the journey is far from over.
  • 8-24: Secrets and Lies by Janeway602 (9 Jan 2002)
    Harry and Seven dig deeper into the mystery that is Section 31.
  • 8-25/26: 48 Hours by VVS8 Team (16 Jan 2002)
    When life looks like its finally coming back to normal, fate gives it a cruel twist.

Voyager Virtual Season 9

    Star Trek: Voyager Virtual Season 9

  • 9-01: Defenders of the Realm by Michael Ben-Zvi and BONCPC (10 Apr 2002)
    Secrets are revealed as the new Starship Voyager takes the battle to the enemy.
  • 9-02: Connections by Eydie Munroe (17 Apr 2002)
    Voyager is ready to face the Sernaix — but is there an even greater threat from within?
  • 9-03: New Moon by Zeke (24 Apr 2002)
    Cut off from his ship and crew, Commander Chakotay must fight a growing darkness…
  • 9-04: Caught in the Undertow by Bec and Naaz (1 May 2002)
    Voyager must resist the forces of enemies that threaten to pull her beneath a sea of betrayal.
  • 9-05: Crossing the Line by MaquisKat (10 May 2002)
    When boundaries are crossed, the consequences for Voyager and her crew are unpredictable.
  • 9-06: Three Steps Forward… by Rob and Zeke (17 May 2002)
    In the Delta Quadrant, where the line between enemy and friend is blurred, progress is never a straight line.
  • 9-07: Increments by LauraJo (24 May 2002)
    Sometimes small steps are the surest way to progress.
  • 9-08: A Bitter Pill to Swallow by MaquisKat (31 May 2002)
    Even amidst of the uncertainty of war, the hardest thing in life is to live it.
  • 9-09: Marriage of Convenience by Jeffrey Harlan (5 Jul 2002)
    In times of crisis, unexpected alliances are formed.
  • 9-09a: Bonds by Jeffrey Harlan (10 Jul 2002)
    Icheb and T’Kara must travel to Vulcan.
  • 9-10: Strange Bedfellows by Daya (12 Jul 2002)
    New alliances jeopardize standing partnerships.
  • 9-11: Down Deep by Barbara Watson (19 Jul 2002)
    If truth is the first casualty of war, will the crew’s principles be the second?
  • 9-12: Down Deep, Part 2 by Barbara Watson (26 Jul 2002)
    Tom faces the truth about old enemies and new friends as he fights for his principles…and his life.
  • 9-13: Darkness Visible by Zeke (2 Aug 2002)
    Janeway’s newest alliance may become her deadliest mistake…
  • 9-14: Light Unseen by Zeke (9 Aug 2002)
    If Captain Janeway and Voyager can’t stop him, the true agenda of Ankin Rotor may mean the end for everyone….
  • 9-15: Turning Points by MaquisKat (7 Sep 2002)
    With the galaxy divided on so many different fronts, could an old nemesis of the Borg bring balance to the war?
  • 9-16: Gifts by FatMatDuhRat & Zeke (13 Sep 2002)
    When Harry searches for the source of a mysterious signal, what he finds will change the Paris family forever…
  • 9-17: The Rising Storm by Kira (20 Sep 2002)
    Slowly but surely, the Sernaix War threatens to send the galaxy into a death spiral.
  • 9-18: The Rising Storm, Part 2 by Kira (27 Sep 2002)
    Kes may hold the key to resolving an ancient conflict.
  • 9-19: It Takes a Thief by MaquisKat (18 Oct 2002)
    To reveal the darkness at the Federation’s heart, Janeway must risk it all on a defeated enemy.
  • 9-20: To Thy Own Self Be Q by MaquisKat (25 Oct 2002)
    When Q Jr. petitions for entrance to the Academy, either the Continuum or Starfleet will never be the same again.
  • 9-21: Partners Under Hippocrates by Alicja Sara Maria (1 Nov 2002)
    An old romance blossoms as dimplomatic talks go awry.
  • 9-22: Partners Under Hippocrates, Part 2 by Alicja Sara Maria (14 Nov 2002)
    Two doctors are caught up in a movement to find the cure for a devastating disease.
  • 9-23: Terra Nova, Terra Firma by Barbara Watson (16 Nov 2002)
    Kathryn and Chakotay contemplate their futures by revisiting their past, while Tom and B’Elanna hit the open road for a family vacation from hell.
  • 9-24: The Future of Us by Katokay (22 Nov 2002)
    A visit to an old friend causes Voyager‘s crew to look to the future.
  • 9-25: Renascence by Julia & Tania (29 Nov 2002)
    Janeway faces a life-altering decision as an enemy emerges from the shadows.
  • 9-26: Once More Into the Breach by Zeke (30 Dec 2002)
    As Rotor reaches out for his destructive destiny can Janeway save the Borg from their fate?
  • 9-27/28: Second Star to the Right by MaquisKat & Thinkey (3 Jan 2003)
    It all comes down to this…

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