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She is more than she appears…

Her name is Kes. An Ocampa, her people’s normal lifespan is only nine years. Since joining the crew of the Starship Voyager, her life has taken many unexpected turns. When she was just shy of her fourth birthday, she had to leave Voyager because her rapidly increasing mental abilities threatened the ship. For nearly two years, she existed in a nowhere state – a place where nothing was, yet everything was. Trying to return home, she has discovered that she has the ability to traverse space and time. She now voyages from one timeline to another, seeking one that she can call home, and discovering her own hidden potential.


  • Moving On (24 Apr 2001)
    Stardate 53721.3 (Mon 10 Feb 2375): While Kes traverses parallel timelines in search of one she can call her own, she lends aid to those she encounters. Set in the timeline of “Research.”
  • Discovery (13 Dec 2001)
    Stardate 54001.6 (Fri 23 May 2375): Kes, traversing across parallel timelines, comes upon a Voyager that had recently been attacked by an insane version of herself.
  • Kindred Souls (30 Jun 2002)
    Stardate 214475.0 (Thurs 13 Nov 2375): Captain Janeway is dead. So are Tuvok, Tom Paris and Seven of Nine, killed while fleeing the Borg Queen in a transwarp conduit from Unimatrix 01. The Doctor’s program was irreparably damaged when the Delta Flyer was destroyed by the Queen’s vessel. But, could the Harry Kim of this timeline be the one whom Kes has been searching for these past months? Only to add to her uncertainty, they are joined by yet another Harry Kim – a man who is lost, adrift between the timelines, searching for his own home. He has been tortured, experimented on, and worse, yet his heart also calls to Kes, who knows some of what he has been through. When the time comes, can Kes make the choice between two Harry Kims?
  • Through the Mirror, Darkly (Jul 2002)
    Stardate 54491.4 (Wed 19 Nov 2375): The Mirror Universe. To many, there is but one. But as Kes has just learned, there are as many variant timelines of the Mirror Universe as there are of her own. In a universe where the Terran Empire never fell, and the I.S.S. Voyager was pulled to the Delta Quadrant while chasing a group of Maquis rebels allied with the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, Kes must rescue the Harry Kim of another universe, whom she followed to this nightmare reality, from a torturous interrogation at the hands of Voyager first officer Tuvok. But another consideration has entered the picture: another version of herself, nearing the end of her Ocampan lifespan and bound in slavery aboard the starship. Can Kes save both of them before she, too, falls victim to the scourge of the spaceways, Kathryn Janeway?
  • Resistance (unwritten)
    Stardate 214496.9 (Fri 21 Nov 2375): While following the timeline-travelling Harry Kim, Kes is intercepted by Amanda Rogers, the Q raised as a human. Amanda has brought her back to her “native” timeline, or at least, she tells Kes, close enough to it that it doesn’t really matter. Amanda has decided to take Kes on as a student in the ways of the Q, and felt that by showing her what’s become of her homeworld, she may have more incentive to learn to use her growing abilities to their fullest potential. The Ocampa, Kes discovers, have been overrun by the Kazon after the power supply provided them by the Caretaker ran out. Their once-beautiful city now lay in ruins, and the people themselves can barely care for themselves because they became so dependent on the Caretaker. Kes resolves to help her people free themselves and their world of the Kazon who are systematically picking the planet clean, and begins to teach her people what she has learned of their full potential.

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